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­How to install Microsoft office setup on the computer?

Microsoft office setup is a software package of Microsoft company. With the installation of the Microsoft office setup package on the computer, along with this software, excel, PowerPoint, word, outlook, access, etc. Are also automatically installed.

So read this post today so that you will never have to search again in the future by writing - how to install Microsoft Excel in the computer, how to download and install the PowerPoint (.ppt) software in computer because if once If you have installed Microsoft office computer then all this software will be installed by itself.

Steps to Install Microsoft office in computer

Step:1 - Firstly go to the folder of the office package, where you will find a text file called Office Setup Product Key Open it and select the given key and copy it.

The serial key is a kind of code that is given to every user after purchasing the software, if you do not have it, then you cannot proceed with the process right now. If you want to install or setup Office setup file so you have to buy the MS office activation  product key, then you can run Ms office application.

­Step:2 - Now in this same folder, you will see.Exe file with the name of setup, right-click with the mouse on it, click on Run as administrator select Now if you ask for user account permission for installation, then click yes.

Step:3 - Now paste the MS Office setup enter product key copied from the text file and click continue.

Step:4 - After clicking continue, now the license agreement of ms office will come in front of you, then mark the small box below, accept the license and click continue.

Step:5 - Now you will see two options for installation, one is installed now and then customize then click install now.

Step:6 - Now the process of installing Microsoft Office setup will start and soon all types of Microsoft office software will be installed on your computer and will appear successfully installed.

Step:7 - Now finally you will have a box in which you have to click close. 

  In this post, I have told you how to install Microsoft office setup on the computer. I hope that you have understood the entire process of installation of Microsoft office on the computer, then if you face any problem please contact our support team.